Fiber Build Out

LigTel (or our contractors) will white line the build area before construction begins. We’ll mark the mainline fiber path, hand holes, and pedestals.
8-12 weeks
Once construction begins, it usually takes roughly 8-12 weeks to complete, depending on the weather and the size of the area being built.
3-6 weeks
Splicing crews will splice the mainline fiber and begin preparing pedestals for customer connections.
1-2 weeks
Once mainline construction and splicing is done, we are ready to begin the customer install process. Customers can contact the LigTel office to be added to a list for site survey and installation.
1 week
Site survey will consist of an onsite meeting with the property owner to determine the best placement for the enclosure on the house, the path that will be taken, and underground factors, such as private utilities, water and power lines, dog fences, septic lines, sprinklers, and so on.
2 weeks
Once the site survey is completed, we will schedule drop crews to install the fiber drop from the pedestal to the home. In some situations, the drop may need to be placed overhead.
1-2 weeks
Once the drop has been placed, it will take 1-2 weeks for splicing at the home. When the splicing is completed, our office will contact you to schedule a good time for our installers to come install your service.

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