Fiber is a medium that utilizes small strands of glass to transmit and receive binary information through pulses of light. It exhibits greater resistance to factors like weather, cold, or oxidation, in contrast to a medium prone to decay, such as copper.

 LigTel has no data caps.

The length of the installation varies based on where the service was terminated and the specifics of the house, but please be sure to allocate at least one to two hours.

Your email does not need to change when receiving service from LigTel, unless it is with your current internet service provider.

Yes, the router can be relocated, but it is recommended that it be placed in a central location for the best WiFi coverage.

If you need to connect more devices to your local network, you can use a device called a Switch. This device increases the port density of your network, allowing additional devices to be connected via Ethernet.

We here at LigTel know how important internet is for your family or business. To help you get connected, we are expanding our fiber network all across the area. Check out this frequently updated map to see if we are in your area!

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